Norwegian-Pakistani Easter and Spring Event....By: Atle Hetland

“Religious leaders can mitigate climate change” By Atle Hetland  

Atle Hetland, Social Scientist working in Pakistan, received the “Dr. Hans Frey Award for Social Sciences 2016”,
Pakistani-Norwegian receives prize for helping Syrian refugees in Oslo..... By Atle Hetland
Thriving Pakistan-Norway Friendship.....By Shahbaz Chaudary

Sports, business and diplomacy in fusion ..By Atle Hetland

“I have enjoyed Pakistan thoroughly through my three years here”,Cecilie Landsverk

“Knowledge and Beyond...By Atle Hetland  

Back ‘home’ for the holidays... by ATLE Hetland
17th of May 2013 in Islamabad
PANA, Pakistan-Norway Association, marked the Norwegian National Day, the 17th of May 2013 by a High Tea gathering at Islamabad Serena Hotel. About twenty-five Norwegians, Pakistani-Norwegians, Pakistanis and a couple of friends for other countries.......Read More...

‘Like Now, Always’

IDRIS Babur’s poetry book was launched Sunday 25 March at Islamabad Serena Hotel at the PANA Poetry and Literature Breakfast. The book is in Urdu but some poems have been translated into English. The title of the book, Yunhi, means “Like Now, Always” or “Just Like That”. .........Read More

Cooperation between University and Industry

By: Atle Hetland

“It is essential for the University of Gujrat to establish links with the local industry”, Prof. Dr. M. Nizamuddin said when receiving a delegation of local and foreign professionals from Islamabad last Saturday. The University of Gujrat Vice Chancellor further emphasized the importance of skills training and mid-level competence,..........................Read More



Multidisciplinary Approaches needed to meet the Challenges of Climate Change......Read More
Poetry and Prayers for Peace


    “We have so many activities that appeal to the mind only, or perhaps not even that as some meetings are basically bureaucratic. We need meetings that also appeal to the heart, too. And sometimes, we just need to be together in pleasant surroundings over a cup of tea and a meal”, the Australian-Pakistani Poet and Teacher Jocelyn Ortt Saeed.......Read More

Norway’s National Day

Celebrating Constitution & Children
   On the 17th of May the Norwegians celebrate their National Day or, Constitution Day as it is also called as the day is actually in remembrance of Norway again becoming an independent country in 1814, with its own constitution and parliament. Denmark was on the losing side in the Napoleonic Wars and had to cede Norway, which entered into a union with Sweden until 1905......Read More

Norwegian Laila Bokhar writes

about extremism in Pakistan
When Laila Bohari introduced her book “Holy Wrath: My Journey Through Pakistan” at a book breakfast in Islamabad last Sunday, the audience was as attentive as a speaker can wish for. It was a bright Sunday morning in a pleasant and quiet room with flowers and candles, but the topic was serious. Laila presented her book about extremism..................Read More
Knowledge without Borders  By: Atle Hetland
 University of Gujrat launches a brand new seminar series on Thursday 14 October. The Seminar Series is open to the general public as well as university teachers and staff. It will be held at UOG’s Main Campus (Hafiz Hayat Campus) on the outskirt of Gujrat City from 2 – 4 pm.......Read More
“Norway gave Me Academic Values”:Farooq Khan
Farooq Khan graduated in Social Sciences from the University of Oslo after many years of thorough studies. The University is listed as one of the five best universities in the whole of Scandinavia. Farooq studied Sociology with emphasis..........Read More
Education for All Refugees and IDPs By: Atle Hetland
In 2009, only about 50,000 Afghan refugees returned home. In 2010, until this date, 100,000 have already returned. Still, there are some 2.5 million Afghan refugees in Pakistan. It will take long before they all have gone home, and many are likely to live all their lives in exile. The young refugees probably feel as at home in Pakistan,......................Read More
Norwegian NGOs in Pakistan      By: Atle Hetland
There are two large Norwegian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with country offices in Pakistan, Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) and Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). Both organizations have worked in Pakistan for many years. They carry out important work in humanitarian and development aid, often related to..................Read More
Generous Norwegian Help to Flood Victims

By: Atle Hetland

Initially, Norway provided NOK 100 million ($ 16 million) in assistance to Pakistani immediately it became evident that the floods were massive in Pakistan, affecting about 20 million people, four times as the total population of Norway. This week, the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Jonas Gahr Store, while at the United Nations in New York, announced a tripling of the aid to a total amount of NOK 400 million ($ 66 million)......Read More
New Norwegian Books about Pakistan

    Three new books about Pakistan in Norwegian have just been released in Oslo. All the three books have been authored by women save for one, which has a man for co-author. The books make excellent reading for everybody interested in Pakistan. I am sure many Pakistani-Norwegians will read the books, but          Read More

Success in Norway    By ATLE HETLAND

Amjad Iqbal’s father went to Norway in the 1970s to work in a factory in Oslo. Amjad came four years later when he was 11 years old, and the rest of the family followed. “We have relatives in Gujrat but my father had shifted to Rawalpindi before emigrating to Norway.”...Read More
Secondary School in Norway    By ATLE HETLAND
“When I was a young teenager, I went to Tøyen skole in Oslo for my lower secondary education. Unlike three of my brothers, I came back to Pakistan to continue my education and later I joined the army where I was trained in engineering and worked until retirement a few years ago. I am glad I came back to Pakistan, but I am also glad to have many family members in Norway”, Mukhtar Ahmed says......Read More
Pakistanis in Norway   By ATLE HETLAND
“I am a Norwegian citizen, but I also feel at home in my parents’ country of origin and that of my wife”, Atilla A. Iftikhar Warraich says. They all come from Gujrat, but for the last few years Atilla has lived with his wife and young children in Islamabad. He is the Chairman of Pakistan-Norway Association (PANA), a friendship association for Norwegians, Pakistani-Norwegians, Pakistanis and others, with most of its modest.......Read More



Atle Hetland is a senior Norwegian social scientist currently based in Islamabad.